At UMI Stone, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of natural stone and quartz products in Florida. With over 15 years of experience, we have established a strong reputation for providing high-quality materials and exceptional customer service to our clients.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our business, from the carefully curated selection of products we offer to our knowledgeable staff who are always on hand to answer any questions or provide expert advice. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your kitchen countertops or a commercial builder in need of flooring solutions, UMI Stone has everything you need to bring your vision to life. So if you’re looking for top-quality natural stone and quartz products in Florida, look no further than UMI Stone.

The History and Reputation of UMI Stone in Florida

You might not know this, but UMI Stone in Florida has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality stone products and exceptional customer service. Our history dates back to 2001 when we began importing natural stones from around the world. Since then, we have grown into one of the leading distributors of granite, marble, quartzite, and other natural stones in Florida. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about our products and committed to helping customers find the perfect stone for their projects. We take pride in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce precise cuts and finishes. At UMI Stone, we believe that our success lies in delivering unparalleled quality and service to our customers every time they come to us for their stone needs.

The Wide Range of Natural Stone and Quartz Products Offered

With a plethora of options available, it’s easy to find the perfect natural stone or quartz product for any design project. At UMI Stone in Florida, we offer an extensive range of high-quality products that can cater to all your needs. From classic marbles like Calacatta and Carrara to unique stones like Onyx and Travertine, we have it all. We also provide a variety of finishes such as honed, polished, brushed, and leathered that can add texture and depth to your space. Additionally, our quartz line includes brands like Caesarstone and Silestone that are scratch-resistant, non-porous and come in various colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for something simple or extravagant, our collection has something for everyone.

The Importance of Quality Customer Service and Expertise

Experience the difference that comes with exceptional customer service and expert knowledge when selecting your natural stone or quartz product. At UMI Stone, we understand that choosing the perfect material for your project can be overwhelming. That’s why our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and guidance every step of the way. From selecting the right type of stone to ensuring proper installation, we are committed to meeting all of your needs and exceeding your expectations. Our extensive knowledge of natural stone and quartz products allows us to provide you with valuable insights into their various benefits and characteristics, so you can make an informed decision based on your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service that extends beyond the sale, making sure you are satisfied with every aspect of your purchase. Trust in our expertise and let us help you bring your vision to life with high-quality natural stone or quartz products for any application.

Design Ideas and Inspiration for Using UMI Stone in Your Home or Business

Get ready to be blown away by the endless design possibilities and breathtaking beauty that UMI Stone can bring to any space. With its wide range of colors, finishes, and textures, UMI Stone is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home or business. Here are just a few design ideas and inspirations for using UMI Stone:

  • Create a stunning accent wall with large format slabs in bold hues like Black Galaxy or Silver Wave.
  • Add elegance to your kitchen countertops with classic options like Calacatta Gold or Statuario Venato.
  • Make a statement with unique shapes and patterns like chevron tiles in warm tones of beige and brown.
  • Enhance the natural beauty of outdoor living spaces with durable materials like granite pavers in earthy shades of green and gray.

Whether you’re looking for timeless elegance or modern flair, UMI Stone has everything you need to elevate your interior or exterior design. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Explore the limitless possibilities of UMI Stone today!

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