Roof Repair Services

Do you need roof repair in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Mandarin residents are urged to contact Florida Roofing Pros for effective and efficient fixes of all roof problems.

We are the number 1 roofer in Duval County and have been assisting customers with their roof repairs for over 20 years.

Whether your home’s roof is leaky, moldy, or peppered with damages of varying sizes, you can rely on our trusted roofers to repair all of the damages. We only use the highest quality materials available and guarantee that our services will eliminate the damages and restore your roof to like-new condition.

Never ignore a damaged roof! If left unaddressed for long enough, a damaged roof can cost several thousands to replace. Remember, the biggest danger associated with damaged roofs is water. Water will enter your home through the ceiling.

Over time, water will rot your ceiling and promote the growth of mildew, mold, and fungi. Mildew, mold, and fungi are all pathogens and are known causes of respiratory problems in the elderly and children.   
Our capable staff repairs a wide variety of roofs. From flat to terracotta roofs, if your roof is damaged, we can repair it.

So contact us to handle your roof repair! Jacksonville area business owners and residents are invited to contact us to quickly and affordably repair damaged roofs!

Roof Restoration in Jacksonville
If your roof doesn’t need extensive repairs but needs to be touched up, contact us for roof restoration. In Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Mandarin, our customers have access to knowledgeable professionals who are ready to update, restore, and improve any home’s roof—anywhere in the Duval County!

Our roof restoration services are perfect for customers who want to update their existing roofs with new materials. From replacing old tiles with new tiles to completely changing roofing materials, we are ready to assist you.If you want to update or repair your home’s roof, contact us today. We’ll inspect your roof, resolve any damages, and restore it back to full working order.

However, sometimes roof repairs are not the most cost-effective maintenance method. If you find that you are frequently repairing your roof. We also offer roof repair in orange park and roof repair in Mandarin.

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