Jacksonville's Hands On Children's Museum

If you are in the Jacksonville area, take your kids to the Hands On Children’s Museum Jacksonville FL. This hands-on museum has plenty of fun activities to keep kids busy. Activities at the museum include a kiddie grocery store and chef role play. Even parents will find this museum fun. It also has a great educational value for kids. Children can even help prepare food. This museum also offers classes on how to make different things.

Another place you should visit when visiting Jacksonville is the Dutton Island Preserve. This beautiful natural area is home to three miles of hiking trails and observation decks. The museum also houses one of the city’s oldest black theaters and is steeped in African-American culture. If you’re looking for something cool to do in downtown Jacksonville, you should check out Flight Fit N Fun Jacksonville. Its mouth-watering name makes it sound like a workout, but it is definitely fun.

While the museum does have a few animal exhibits, you can also spend an afternoon on the zoo. You can view elephants and scuttling lizards and take part in animal encounter programs. You can also check out non-animal attractions like a 4D theater or the botanical gardens. You can make an enjoyable day out of your trip to Jacksonville with your family.

If you are looking for a low-key playground, South Beach Park and Sunshine Playground are great spots to bring your kids. You can picnic at the park and grill food. There are also tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a skate park. In warm weather, you can enjoy a splash pad or play in the park. Alternatively, you can take the kids to the Hands On Children’s Museum Jacksonville FL and spend the rest of the day playing sports.

A few other places worth checking out include Fort Caroline, an old plantation that was the first settlement in the area. The Fort was built in 1564 on the northern bank of the St. Johns River and was easily spotted by Spanish explorers. During its short history, the Fort went through numerous fires and reconstructions. Today, it serves as a visitor center. Visitors can learn about the history of this place through the exhibits and other exhibits. You can even meet some of the slaves and freed slaves who passed through the area.

Another museum that your kids will enjoy is the museum of Southern history. Its collection includes hundreds of manuscripts from different eras. The museum’s museum is open every day, so you can take your kids for a day trip while they are in town. There are many things to do in Jacksonville, and the museum is the perfect place to spend some time with your kids. There is something for everyone, and children can’t get enough of it.

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Jacksonville's Hands On Children's Museum